Create with artists

Levertijd: 2 – 3 werkdagen

Auteur: Rixt Hulshoff Pol, Hanna Piksen

120 pagina’s
20 x 25 cm
BIS Publishers


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Create with artists – An Art Activity Book for Everyone

Boost your creativity with tips from some of the world’s top artists and designers like Viktor&Rolf, Marlene Dumas, Rop van Mierlo and Rineke Dijkstra. This book is packed with original workshops that offer all kinds of creative challenges.

The programme ‘Create with Artists’ offers the most inspiring workshops the Stedelijk Museum of contemporary art in Amsterdam has organized for young people over the past decade. These workshops with artists and designers have become a true phenomenon in Amsterdam. Only about a dozen kids can participate in a workshop, which are always sold out, leaving the parents and many, many others jealously behind. In response to their ever-increasing popularity, the workshops have been transformed into this book. Now everyone can do these fun workshops—created by renowned contemporary artists and designers—at home, at a party, at a community centre, or at school.

All the artists have a special connection to the museum and many of them are world famous. In this book they give us insights into their ways of looking at the world and the questions they ask themselves. The artists also share their personal tips and techniques. The workshops all start with a question to trigger the imagination and are spread out over an array of media, from painting, to sculpture, video, design, graffiti, photography, and more. The workshops are accessible for both children and grownups and can be done in groups as well as individually.

The Stedelijk Museum is the largest museum for modern and contemporary art and design in the Netherlands.