Art is everywhere


Levertijd: 2 – 3 werkdagen

Auteur: Lorenzo Servi alias SerraGlia

112 pagina’s
22 x 15 cm
BIS Publishers


Art is everywhere – How to Really Look at Things

This book helps you to take a more careful look at your everyday life. The toolkit enables you to look and decode the world around you in a entirely fresh way. Observe the world like never before!

Have you ever wondered why our senses become more alert and sensitive and we see things that continually surprise and inspire us when we visit a city for the first time as a tourist? On the other hand, why does it often seem that nothing extraordinary or exceptional ever happens during our everyday routines? Is it possible to discover something wonderful and special without necessarily visiting museums, monuments, or places that are different from where we habitually go?

‘Art is Everywhere’ combines science, hands-on practices used in art workshops, and clear and simple language to answer these questions (and raise some others). This illustrated book aims to stimulate readers to observe the world as they have never seen it before by suggesting how ordinary things can be seen differently and how art if made more accessible to everyone, can help us see things differently.

The author triggers the reader to see the world with fresh eyes and to discover art in everyday things. The workshop that is part of this book can be applied very well in art education starting from secondary school level.

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